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Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky`s Training

What is this?

Each breed have very specific appearance and character. Each breed`s predisposition towards doing particular activity is called in dogs` world "a usefulness". In husky`s case this usefulness are sleddign sports.

Husky - a sportsman

The fastest sled dog - this is description of husky. Siberian Husky is dog for active people who like to practice sports with company, human or dog`s company. If you buy husky you will be motivated by him. At present there are four popular disciplines sled sports: canicross- run with dog, bikejoring - cycling whereas in winter skijoring- skiing with dog or dogsledding- on the sleigh! But, before you will start to do these disciplines you have to prepare your dog for it.

Dog therapist

Siberian husky has a figure similar to wolf, he is dignified and he seems to be dangerous. But from full of the distance`s relation starts to rise into friendship. Husky let you pat him and he became trustful. His fluffy hair and cheerful character encourage to play. The dog starts to accustom people.



International Federation of Sloddog Sport
European Canicross Federation
Federation Sports et Loisirs Canin
Polish Canicross Federation